In Praise of Lesser Known Destinations

Lots of people who look into housesitting imagine themselves taking care of a luxury penthouse in New York City, a beach house in the Maldives, or a fin de siecle apartment in Paris. I’ve even had someone say to me, “I’m ready to do my first housesit! Can you hook me up with something in [...]

How to Stay Safe: Nomading in an Uncertain World

Our first year of nomading was completely smooth, with no travel disruptions. 2019 became difficult toward the end, and 2020 is starting out in flames – literally. Whether there’s a strike, a political incident or a natural disaster, how do you foresee it and how do you plan your next move? Tourism Sites May Not [...]

Where We Went in 2018 and 2019

2018 was the first year we became digital nomads. We didn’t expect it or really plan it. We were very surprised when we reviewed the year and discovered all the places we’d been! Somehow it didn’t seem like all that many until we’d pulled it together in a list 2019 seemed less ambitious in our [...]